March 2019

Mist Purrsonality: An Iconic Response


A Journey to School: Mystery Box Surprise! One afternoon, after collecting my 5 year old son from his Reception class after school, my son happily presented me a grey plastic box and announced it was his turn to present his "Mystery Box" to the class. He said very few words, other than that [...]

Mist Purrsonality: An Iconic Response2019-03-27T22:47:34+10:30

A Litter: Grace x Valiant


The "A" Litter: Where are they now? So, if you've been following our journey for a little while you'll realise that this post has come quite late. Infact, I'm pretty much bordering on tardy! Our absolutely darling A litter crash landed into the world at around 4:12pm on Tuesday, 6th November 2018. How [...]

A Litter: Grace x Valiant2019-03-20T16:20:48+10:30