How our Katithanda Mists cattery has adapted to Covid

Aloha! It’s been a really long time!

I apologise for the complete lack of updates, for those that have been in contact with me recently you may know that I’ve been through a really hard time lately in my personal life. Since my last update, my husband and I separated amidst both financial and emotional abuse issues, which cumulated in a progressive and exhaustive period in the Australian Family Courts system (which we’re still traversing through) and I finally bit the bullet and had my double mastectomy and reconstruction in 2020 earlier this year.

Covid has also certainly altered the reality of life as we had known it. It has impacted ourselves and our prospective adoptive families in ways with which we continue to try to adapt to and one of those challenges was kitten selection… from a distance!

Of course, we completely understand that nothing beats the real thing – seeing and meeting your kitten face-to-face and being able to adore and watch their funny antics in real time is always and still the most magical thing for me as a breeder to watch and be part of. However, for those families with health sensitivities or for those located interstate, just taking a drive over the border is no longer an easy option.

It’s for this reason, I’ve decided to revisit and focus on our Katithanda Mists YouTube Channel! On here, we’ll provide weekly update videos on your kittens so you can start to get to know them and their characters, and really start building that emotional connection with your new family member even though you may be many many kilometres away.

So please support our cattery by subscribing, liking our videos, turning on that notification bell – so you get notified of all new posted videos and commenting in the comments as your feedback and engagement tells us that we continue to do a great job and keeps us motivated!