The “A” Litter: Where are they now?

So, if you’ve been following our journey for a little while you’ll realise that this post has come quite late. Infact, I’m pretty much bordering on tardy!

Our absolutely darling A litter crash landed into the world at around 4:12pm on Tuesday, 6th November 2018.

How do I know that this was the exact time the first kitten arrived? Well, firstly I was in absolute shock. Secondly, Grace had decided that in all her Motherly-cat wisdom, that having her litter high on my office desk, despite all my carefully and strategically placed cardboard boxes around the room, was THE absolute best place to kitten. And thirdly, I had just gotten changed into my white pharmacy shirt to prepare for work for a 5pm start. I also, in a mad panic, checked and used my phone several times. I called my mentor Dr Truda Straede to tell her it was all finally happening, and ask did I need to do anything. Then called Truda again, five minutes later – just to be 100% sure I definitely didn’t need to do anything. Suddenly realised, ten minutes later, I’d better call work to announce my delayed arrival (I’d just remembered I was meant to be going to work). Then called Truda a third time – just for good measure…

By the end of the birthing, I was a frazzled mess from doing absolutely nothing. Truda, despite not being in South Australia or anywhere near me at the time, most probably truly regretted agreeing to mentor me, and our dear Grace, was happily grooming, snuggling and feeding her newly born kittens like the true champion that she is!

Fast forward a hectic 12 weeks of gob-smacking cuteness, wet and dirty paws all over my clean floors (it was such a good game to flick all the water out of the water bowls), navigating tired piles of kittens and kids each and every night (only to be awoken the next morning by the loud choruses of cats singing for their breakfast), we saw the first couple of our kittens go to their new homes. Katithanda Asterix Salvius “Sal” and Katithanda Aero Satchmo “Satch” were the first two to go, their adoring new owners being ever so keen to welcome their new charges home. Then left Katithanda Aurora Milkshake “Sunny” to her amazing loving purrson, and finally Katithanda Adelaide Rose “Mango” took to the skies to land in sunny Queensland to reside with the best of people. Katithanda Adelaide Clouds “Cloud”, was suddenly the only one left. And she, like us, missed those mad chaotic days with her siblings and longed for a house full of kittens and cats once again.

I now write in gratitude, to those families of my sweet A Litter (yes, you know who you all are!). Thank you, for giving my babies such fantastic homes and for all the love you shower them with. Know that I will always be there, if you ever need support. And, please! keep the updates coming!!

Ladies & Gentlemen! I present to you the A Litter and where they are now!

Katithanda Adelaide Clouds: Blue Spotted Female

Retained for Katithanda’s breeding program, Adelaide Clouds will be a future Queen here at Katithanda. She has a lovely temperament and we hope she will continue to do well here, with us as a much loved family member.

Katithanda Adelaide Rose: Brown Spotted Female

Pretty as a Rose, was this little girl with a penchant for play with a super affectionate nature. She and my 4 year old son (at the time) were absolute partners in crime. Now in Queenland, this spoilt girl adores her new owner, is forever curled on his lap and loves to chat.

Katithanda Aero Satchmo: Chocolate Spotted Male

Satchmo is a kitten that moves to the beats of his own melody. Named by his new owner after Louis Armstrong as a fan of jazz, this cool kitty now lives in the beautiful Barossa amongst some of the best wineries Australia has to offer! A very ‘helpful’ cat, this little boy goes on harness walks and keeps his purrson on her toes!